The article and video i viewed was based on research conducted by Nicholas Christakis. Mr. Christakis is first and foremost a scientist of some merit. He is a medical internist and researcher at Harvard University and holds a M.D, PHD, MPH. He also holds a B.S in biology from Yale and won their prestigious Chittenden prize. In 2008 his foundation was granted eleven million dollars for research, “Connected” is the fruit of that research. Through the reworking of close examination of an old cardiac study Christakis and his partner James Fowler try and show that peoples mere presence can have a profound impact on your health and habits.

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Evaluating Sources

1. The problems with this site are that it is a blog first and foremost. People post all kinds of nonsense on blogs. The source is unverifiable and there are no citations.
2. This site has a long list of sources with plenty of citations and contact info provided. It is also associated with a reputable organization.
3. This site is an elaborate hoax, visually impressive and designed to look official.
4. This site was written by the CDC with plenty of evidence provided including the source for the data and it has good citations.
5. This site may while poorly designed is backed up by actual scientific data and research.

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Critique Response

Glenn Kenny’s review of ‘The American‘ was generally positive. The criteria he applied to judging the film was the success and overall experience of previously well received movies in the genre; and how well this film was able to execute those moments of tension and suspense. Kenny’s review is lofty in the diction and he does mention that the film is targeted more towards an audience who can appreciate the artistic intent, then someone wanting an action slugfest. He is a master of metaphor and his sardonic wit always conveys the point.

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Black Men Ski?

This was a very compelling and yet funny way to make a statement about race and perceptions. I thoroughly enjoyed stew’s use of satire to blunt the always sensitive topics he was exploring. As a snowboarder it was especially hilarious to me because of how accurate some stereotype’s can be. The new way of thinking seems to tilt towards (Difference? What difference? we are all the same you and I just a different shade maybe). However the truth as i see it is that our own peculiarities are what make each culture and each individual special. People though inherently fear what they have not experienced or do not understand, this is what lead’s to conflict and discrimination; because when you fear something you either attack it or run away from it.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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